What to Do If You’re Facing Deportation


For many immigrants, the nightmare of facing deportation is more than just a fear—it's a harsh reality that can turn lives upside down. In the United States, deportation is a legal process that the government uses to remove noncitizens from the country. It can be initiated for reasons ranging from criminal offenses to violations of immigration laws. When confronted with the prospect of deportation, it's crucial to understand the process and, more importantly, your rights. In this blog, we will review the steps you should take if you find yourself in this situation.

Understanding the Deportation Process

To effectively navigate the complex challenge of deportation, it's essential to understand the process clearly. Deportation, also known as "removal," can occur for several reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Illegal entry into the country
  • Overstaying a visa
  • Violating the terms of one's visa or status
  • Committing certain types of crimes

Deportation proceedings typically begin with a Notice to Appear (NTA) in immigration court. The NTA outlines the charges against the individual and provides a date for them to appear before an immigration judge. At this stage, the individual's ability to fight against deportation begins.

The Role of the Immigration Court

The immigration court is responsible for overseeing deportation proceedings and determining whether an individual should be removed from the United States. Unlike criminal courts, immigration courts operate under civil law, which means that deportation doesn’t follow the same process as criminal proceedings. This can make deportation cases particularly challenging.

If the immigration judge issues a deportation order, the individual can sometimes appeal this decision. The appellate process varies depending on the circumstances of the case and can be highly complex. It’s during these critical moments that having legal representation becomes especially vital.

How an Immigration Attorney Can Help

When deportation looms, having a knowledgeable immigration attorney on your side can be the difference between being removed from the country and remaining in the place you call home.

An experienced attorney can provide several critical services including but not limited to:

  • Legal advice and counsel: An attorney can explain the deportation process, potential outcomes, and any legal options available to the individual based on the specifics of their case.
  • Form preparation and filing: Immigration law entails mountains of paperwork, and an attorney can help complete and file the necessary documentation accurately and within the required time frames.
  • Legal representation: A lawyer will advocate for the individual in immigration court, presenting the case and arguing for the individual’s right to stay in the country.
  • Appeals and postponements: If a deportation order is issued, an attorney can help by filing appeals or motions to reverse the decision or postpone the deportation to provide time to pursue further legal remedies.

Working with an immigration attorney is more than a luxury; it's often necessary when your future in the United States is at stake.

Escobar Law Offices: Your Partner in the Battle

At Escobar Law Offices, we understand the fear, uncertainty, and stress that deportation can cause. Our dedicated immigration attorney is committed to providing the support and representation you need.

Our firm offers a wide range of legal solutions, including:

  • Comprehensive case evaluation: We thoroughly review your situation to understand the circumstances leading to the deportation proceedings.
  • Strategic legal planning: After assessing your case, we will work with you to develop a strategic plan for navigating the deportation process.
  • Aggressive advocacy: Our attorneys diligently protect your rights and will zealously advocate on your behalf in immigration court.
  • Other remedies: In some cases, alternative remedies such as asylum, withholding of removal, or cancellation of removal might be available, and we will explore these options with you.

Facing deportation is one of the most intense and emotionally taxing experiences an individual can endure. It's not a process you should try to handle without the guidance of a skilled and experienced professional.

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